Get to know the Tyler Grace Team

Meet the Owners


Amanda and Zoey, have been in the resale industry since 2002 and have a strong knowledge of antiques and collectibles.  Zoey is the auctioneer and appraiser for Tyler Grace.  They have an eye for finding that diamond in the rough.  As a team they have mastered the ability of playing off each others strengths and weaknesses to produce a near perfect balance. We know how to market your items and maximize your profits in the most effective manner.  The auction house was named after their 2 most valued possessions, their children Tyler Joseph (14) and Grace Elizabeth (8). It is their hope that they will inherit their love for this industry and eventually take over the business. 

Office Manager


Ashley Martinez, has been with Tyler Grace since 2017 and has become an intricate piece of the Tyler Grace family.  Ashley’s fun loving spirit has brought a fresh new feel that customers adore.  Ashley is the glue that holds Tyler Grace together, very detail-oriented and prides herself on keeping everything organized.  When Ashley isn’t at work you might find her scootin’ around the dance floor as her first love has always been dance.  Ashley will be continuing her college degree in marketing and business administration but she plans to stay with Tyler Grace full time while working towards her degree.

Marketing Manager & Consignment Coordiantor


Brad Morgan has been with Tyler Grace Auctions since July of 2016.  He is full of charisma and has a love for auctions and antiques.  He loves the thrill of the treasure hunt and finds beauty in mundane pieces because he appreciates the time and energy that went into each piece so many years ago.  Each item has a story to tell and the history behind each piece is worth more than any value that can be placed upon it.  Brad loves meeting new people and hearing about their amazing collections.  Before joining Tyler Grace Brad was a skilled welder in the metal industry; however he is glad to call Tyler Grace “home” as this industry is where he has truly discovered his passion.

Senior Move Manager


Mark Sampley is our Senior Move Manager and is one of the guys you will meet with when having your items picked up or you may run into him at the auction house when you're dropping off or picking up items.  He is a warm and friendly soul and a great addition to the Tyler Grace team.  A hard worker, always willing to help, and a wonderful single father,  

Consignment Specialist


Matthew Michaud, the newest addition to the Tyler Grace team is young and full of energy with a strong desire to help whether your picking up or dropping off, he's your guy!  Matthew is usually out on the truck picking up consignments but you may run into him at the auction house too! 

Weekend Warrior


Emiley Martinez is a big help to the Tyler Grace team.  She is usually only seen on Fridays and Saturday but when she is here you can find her running around tagging items for the following week and organizing the rooms so that items are easier to find on Sunday! A beautiful smile and a heart of gold.  Come by and say Hi!