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Tyler Grace Auction Team

Jason Bufford
Licensed Auctioneer
TDLR #17641

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Jason and Amanda have managed companies in the resale industry since 2002 and have a strong knowledge of antiques and collectibles.  They have an eye for finding that diamond in the rough.  As a team they have mastered the ability of playing off each others strengths and weaknesses to produce a near perfect balance.  They know how to market your items and maximize your profits in the most effective manner. While others companies may see you as just another client, The Buffords really make you feel like part of the family.

Amanda and Jason both began their resale career 14 years ago as newlyweds serving in the Air Force looking to make some extra spending money. Like most collectors, their undying love for antiques and collectibles began as children with parents and grandparents that woke before dawn on Saturday mornings to search for garage sales treasures.

After several very successful years in the estate sale industry Jason and Amanda have ventured into what they always dreamed would be the next step TYLER GRACE AUCTIONS. The auction house was named after their 2 most valued possessions, their children Tyler Joseph (11) and Grace Elizabeth (5). It is their hope that the children will inherit their love for this industry and eventually take over the business. Tyler has already mastered assisting on estate sale days and enjoys practicing his auction chant. As for Gracie she’s only 5 and still has a lot to learn; some say she is bossy like her Mother but really she is mastering her leadership skills!

The auction house opens the door to helping new clients that may not have an entire estate to sell or to those clients that moved their heirlooms cross country and settled them into a storage unit where an estate sale is not possible.